Czech wines

Moravian and Bohemian wines are refreshing and exceptionally varied

Wines from the Czech Republic have become highly popular for their freshness, ready drinkability, attractive harmonic aroma and high quality. This is regularly confirmed by the awards gained at prestigious international competitions.

With a view to the relatively small size given over to vini-viticulture in the lands of the Czech Republic the local wines excel with their unparalleled diversity. Over 50 varieties are cultivated here, which is the guarantee that absolutely everyone will find their own particular favourite. What is more, a good proportion of these grape varieties have been developed right here in our country, thus these will give of their very best and make full use of the potential of our soil and climatic conditions.

Moravian and Bohemian wines are of a high quality and ecological

In the Czech Republic there is a system for classifying wines according to quality based on sugar levels in the grape juice. The better the year the better the vintner can take care of the vineyard, the better the grapes ripen and the more natural sugars they will contain. „Special selection of grapes“ (modelled on the Germanic „Auslese“) is therefore wine made from riper and sweeter grapes than those used for a simple quality wine. You do not have to make your selection only according to prices.